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We handle your project requests by assigning appropriate specialists and charge you for the actual time spent.

This way the project is handled mostly on our side under our company's supervision and you are expected to provide overall direction, timely feedback and information on priorities changes (if any), while we do most of the heavy lifting for you.

To implement smooth processes a Project Manager on our side is assigned to every project and account and is a central point of communication. A Project Manager's job is to foresee and predict problems rather than just solve existing issues, also be responsible for estimation, planning, reporting, tracking, demos and presentations, feedback exchange, and generally making sure the progress is being made in the correct direction and everything functions efficiently.


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We provide a seamless virtual extension to your in-house development staff by dedicating specialists on our side solely to your projects for 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week on continuous basis for ongoing engagement. Our specialists collaborate with your team on a daily basis via various media channels, receive priorities, instructions and directions, participate in regular status updates, and contributing to your overall success.

You maintain full control over the dedicated team, and we can provide additional supervision of the team for greater efficiency - where a Project Manager on our side oversees successful collaborations or acts as an integral part of your management scheme.

You can start with a single professional and then expand to a full-fledged development center located at Dev-Pro over time by involving specialists in other technologies and directions.